“I went into women’s healthcare because I was going to be a radical feminist lesbian women’s health care provider who was never going to have a male patient, so I’m clearly working out some karma”

I met with Naomi Jay, RN, NP, PhD last week for my blog, and she suggested I google her with Bay Times, “When a woman has a prostate” and “On an ANCHOR study.  You can read more about these articles here:  http://sfbaytimes.com/when-a-woman-has-a-prostate/ and … wait I see even more interesting articles she’s written like “Got HPV?  Of course you do!” (Practically everyone has it): http://analcancerinfo.ucsf.edu/news/got-hpv-course-you-do also with SF Bay Times, but this link is on the UCSF website.  And the ever popular “How’s Your Anus?” http://sfbaytimes.com/hows-your-anus/

I could blog for days on this material alone.

Let me back up, to when we sat down off a long day in the ANCRE center.  For those who are wondering: ANCRE (Anal Neoplasia Clinic Research and Education)  I was doing my typical work-where-ever-there’s-room-to-sit, and Naomi had a full slate of patients that day.  I had anticipated going to a local pub on Divisadero near California, but someone else wanted to interview Naomi, the same day as I did.  So the pub can wait until another day.

So we sat down in the ANCRE break room, and surveyed each other across the narrow table.  It was 4:30 pm on a beautiful day in San Francisco.

Naomi has a good sense of humor and likes to talk, so I knew this interview would be a piece of cake.  Speaking of cake, I presented Naomi earlier that day with a piece of gluten-free lemon seed cake from Tartine’s (Guerreo and 18th) hoping its fading memory would inspire her.  She didn’t let me down.

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